Sun, Jul 14, 8:10 PM (2 days ago)

309 South Main St., Laconia?

Hi, Kim,
Regarding your question, “What was the business that resided at 309 S. Main St. Prior to Sherwin Williams? Was there ever a mortuary there at one point.?”

None that I know of.
Back in the 1960s, the building was occupied by the Army Reserve Headquarters. As I recall, Co. B of the Engineers. I almost think it was built for them.
At one time (the late 1940s), the St. Jean de Baptiste Society had plans to build there, but went, instead (in 1950), to Union Avenue where the Salvation Army is now.
Before that, I think 309 South Main was just an open field.
The only mortuaries I’ve ever heard of in Laconia were Simoneau (later Dewhirst and then Simoneau-Paquette) at Busy Corner; Wilkinson-Beane on Pleasant Street (formerly on Beacon Street East, about opposite Penny Pitou); and Ward & Munsey (later Robichaud and still later Dewhirst) on Union Avenue in Lakeport.
Back in the 1860s, Jefferson Gilbert was the only undertaker in town; his storefront was on Main Street about where Family Dollar is now. (His firm ultimately became Wilkinson-Beane.)
Do you have information about a mortuary at 309 South Main? (I’d be interested to know what it is. I learn something new every day.)
Warren D. Huse
Treasurer, Laconia Historical and Museum Society
Local History Writer, The Laconia Sun