Laconia Grange — building still there, though smaller

The article and photo appeared in The Laconia Evening Citizen, May 22, 1971.

The late Dr. Fink, chiropractor, had his office here. Compare the windows on the side of the building and the iron grillwork with those of the 1971 Evening Citizen photo.


One thought on “Laconia Grange — building still there, though smaller”

  1. I grew up as a child attending the Laconia Grange with my parents Roland & Christine DeLucca, Grandparents William O & Florence E. Pearson, uncle/aunt Russell & Arlene Pearson. I am in possession of some Laconia Grange artifacts. I would consider donating some items to the historical society.

    I attended many Harvest Dinners as a child at the grange.

    I grew up on the DeLucca dairy farm on Parade Road which is now the Aquedahtan golf course.
    The Pearson’s had a Dairy Farm at 1261 Old North Main St.

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