‘Opechee Park’ exhibit now on display’

An exhibit on the “History of Opechee Park” opened, Sept. 26, on the Upper Gallery Level of the Laconia Public Library.
The exhibit tells the story of people and events upon this land, originally settled as Meredith in Strafford County.
Pictures, souvenirs and representations will take the viewer back to the Fairgrounds days as well as numerous sporting competitions.
Pat Tierney, executive director of the society, notes that, “Most residents of Laconia have spent some time at this inner city park, although many were unaware of capacity turnouts at the old grandstand, the trotting track, as well as wonderful carnivals of another day.
“Perhaps no one property in Laconia has regularly entertained thousands of people for any number of outdoor recreational experiences.
“Cars were often parked from the beach extending away as far as the eye could see.
“Recently uncovered 19th century photographs showing primitive balloon rides from that location will also be featured.”