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Jeanne Malone:
I would like to buy at least five sets of the “Historic Lakes Region” notecards for Christmas gifts. They are perfect!! I bought the last set at the diner presentation and really would like more.
Also. We now live in the Oscar Lougee home at 147 Pleasant Street. It was built in 1887 and was said to be the most expensive house built in the lakes region at the time. The house across the street was built by Mr. Lougee as a wedding present for his daughter in 1907. The information in the Laconia book written by Warren Huse is incorrect.
Dorothy Duffy:
What an interesting website! It bridges the generations with nary a gap. Who would think of a connection with
U Tube, history games, the “Diner” song, Spider-the short order cook, Je T’aime Laconia, pork pie cookoff and Laconia history but a young Executive Director Jenna Carroll-Plante?
You’re making history fun,
rachel vachon stinson:
very interesting, I might just look into further on, I was born in Laconia, and mu ancestry came from PQ. I’m just getting to the genealogy of them.
Zip Zamarchi:
any info on the ladies bicycle club would be helpful, and was there a men club also. thank you zip
While we do have a few photographs in our collection of the Ladies Bicycle Club, we don’t have any information gathered on the history of this association. I’d love to find more. There was also a general Lakes Region club I believe. Of course, by the 1890s bicycle clubs became popular for their social and sporting activities. To order a print of this historic photo go to our shopping page and click on prints!
yvonne cyr bresnahan:
Hello so glad to finally receive an email to hear what you are doing in your new job. the website looks really good and so far I think the name represents what you are doing in Laconia.
Please contact me by email and I will bring you up to speed.
Suzanne Day:
I love this site.I really enjoyed seeing the pics from the 1900’s.Would love to see more in the future.
Diane Caruso:
I hope you can help me. I recently bought an old wooden bottling box that has Laconia Bottling Co. burnished on it. I wondering if you might have any info regarding the company and/or its history.Thank you in advance for any help you can give me or where to start my search.
Warren D. Huse:
> I sent the following to Jeanne Malone on 10/18/08: > I believe you are in error as to the accuracy of my writing, as I assume you > were questioning the material at the top of page 118 of my Laconia book. I > assure you that Oscar Lougee built the house at 229 Pleasant Street in 1903. > (I verified the information at the time I was writing the book, from city > directories and newspaper accounts.) Incidentally, Oscar had lived, earlier, > at 476 Pleasant St. among other locations. > > Although I did not include in my book the house of ORMAN Lougee (Oscar’s > brother) at 147 Pleasant Street, I can tell you that a perusal of the city > directories confirms it was ORMAN who lived there. (According to the > directories, O.T. Lougee resided at 8 Academy Street — as did Oscar A. > Lougee — in 1899. By 1904, Oscar is at 476 Pleasant and Orman is at 147 > Pleasant.) > Warren D. Huse > > > —————————————- —————————————- See how Windows® connects the people, information, and fun that are part of your life Click here
richard friedenberg:
My grandmother arrived in the US in 1903 with her husband and 5 children. She was the sister of “Rosenblatt” My Mom talked about her first cousin, “Freddy” Rosenblatt. He was the owner of the Lee-Sterling Drug stores in Laconia and Nashua. Can you direct me to any individuals in this family? It would be appreciated.
Elizabeth Miller:
I am looking for anyone who knew Ruby Proctor. She was married to my grandfather and lived on Weirs Blvd. He was a Laconia Police officer and died back in 1945. Please contact me through the Historical Society if you have any information. I am just looking for some copies of pictures of his family, of which I have none. Thank you. Elizabeth Miller, Fremont, NH